the gentle detox workshop


Detox is a word that gets thrown around a lot. The truth is though, your body knows what to do, it’s up to us to support that wisdom.

Join us for an afternoon of dedicated self care, tap into the natural energy of spring and learn how to support your body’s detoxification system naturally. Wake up and invigorate the body with an introduction to dry brushing, experience an energizing full Pilates flow and absorb some new knowledge about your amazing body. Afterwards there will be time to chat, shop and sip on something refreshing.

the ritual: this workshop will combine practice, information and motivation to support your body naturally. learning how to support your liver and lymphatic systems with working out, nourishing it with whole foods, and dry brushing. detox has always been such a coveted way to reset, but we want to show you how to show your body some love and remind it to do what it does best, heal + recover on it's own.

the vibe: workout clothes and yoga mat (come early if you wanna purchase one on site)
cost: $45 | includes a dry brush and lots of actionable tips and ideas to continue to naturally rid your body of what no longer serves you at home +  $10 coupon off your purchase at peace


charitiable donations // 1% of sales donated

charitiable donations // 1% of sales donated