finding balance with toma skincare

september 17th |  12pm-4pm

the brand: TOMA is the result of tori and marla's friendship and our shared passion for the transformative teachings of Five Element Acupuncture combined with 15 years successful spa ownership. developed in our spas, TOMA is a culmination of decades of study, thousands of happy clients and deep respect for the ancient wisdom of acupuncture. their mission is simple: to inspire you to nurture and cherish your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, beginning with the conscious care of your skin.

the ritual: marla and tori, owners of toma skin therapies and experienced acupuncturists, will help you learn and understand how to identify your type of skin (oily, combo, dry, etc) and conditions of the skin (dehydration, sensitivity, etc). they will also provide consultations around the 5 elements of acupuncture to help you understand the relationship between your internal and external wellness as the transition of fall is up on. we hope your consult will help you simplify your skincare and wellness routines with the mantra 'keep it simple'.

cost: 15 minute consult is a gift from toma x peace with any toma purchase

reminders: we will check in with you closer to event to give you a dedicated time to come in to meet with marla and tori