our story

our mission

to provide daily self care rituals
to steal time back & take a moment for you
to help everyone feel seen, heard, and safe
to honor & meet you where you are
to slow down and smell the roses
to try something new and love it
to reflect and record your beautiful life
to read more and open your mind
to care for your body inside & out
to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved
to choose happiness and laughter

our story

like most people, the temporary and sudden pause that came as a result of covid-19 breathed life into peace. we were at home, forever it seemed like, without the needs of clients, family, or friends effecting putting ourselves first. we chose to get up early to workout and move our bodies, we choose meditation and yoga, we chose cooking amazing meals with quality whole foods, we choose supplements and tinctures to keep us healthy and strong, we choose to be present with our son, we laid in the sun with nowhere to go. we felt this strong bond being together all the time - laughing, dancing, loving. of course, it was all the emotions and ups and downs too, but it was mostly good to us. we have spent a lot of time going fast, working and socializing all the time - every calendar hour block accounted for. us east coasters, we go fast - all the time. and, both of us were in the business of serving others and making sure all of their needs are met. so this pause, we thought, was actually a way to reset the rat race we have been in for years. so, on our little rooftop oasis, we thought "wouldn't it be cool to share all these self care things with others in a store, it would be like new century hippie vibes". enter manifestation. we couldn't stop dreaming of peace. eventually, we got back into the rhythm of our new life, and kept thinking about her. kept wondering if she would ever be. and then towards the end of the year, it started falling into place. the most beautiful shop with the biggest windows ever became available and we got the inside scoop. we stepped in and knew it was right, it felt cozy and healing like we needed it to feel. then, we called everyone we knew and loved in to help us bring her to life. our creative friends helped with logos and marketing material, our fathers and brothers helped with building cash wraps and shelves, our sisters and friends helped decorate, merchandise, and price tag items in the store, our mothers helped with floral arrangements and floral window installs, and our sweet son kept us on our toes - laughing, knocking things over, and always being our right hand shop kid - so patient with us. so - what we have to say about peace is that 'without dreams and manifestation mixed with risk taking and a little help from your family' -- it could have been just a passing thought, but now she's here - ready to share all her self care rituals, moments of peace, body love, and all her goodness with you.


Jordan & Quron Lewis. soulmates & lovers. friends for over two decades, married for six years, and parents to one soulful child for three years. lovers of the beach, wine, slow mornings, music, and good vibes. equal parts fun & serious. always caring for others, cheering your success and happiness on. true blue friends and loyal forever. dedicated lovers. true virgos, yes both of us. trying to make a difference by loving our family, friends, and community and leading from the front and by example. oh yeah, we're dreamers - always dreaming.