arouse stimulating serum


brand. rosebud woman is a luxe, plant-based intimate care company that offers self-care products, information, community, and ritual to honor and celebrate our experiences as women. our flagship offerings are luxury vaginal & vulvar skincare with impeccable plant-derived ingredients. formulated for daily and specialty use, to meet the specific concerns and desires of women.


about. a delicate serum that stimulates, lubricates, plumps, and tingles. arouse is best used progressively, with or without intended intercourse, to begin to re-lubricate the tissues. 


the ritual. apply 2 to 3 drops on external folds and creases. allow to penetrate for 5 to 10 minutes. tingling, warmth and plumping will ensue. try on lips & mouth to preview the sensation. for use in reteaching the body self-lubrication, daily or as desired. 


ingredients. apricot, ashwagandha, asian rice, brazilian ginseng, cranesbills, damiana, drumstick tree, false daisy, grapevine, jasmine, lemon, maca, marjoram, musk rose, rosemary, sunflower, west indian lemon grass, caprylic/capric triglyceride, oleyl alcohol, squalene, tocopherol 

will deliver 60 to 90 days of application

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