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brand. riddle is a luxury fragrance oil and skincare brand established in 2013 in venice beach, ca, by Chelsea Voge. we are inspired to make people feel more confident through their scent. we wanted to make scents not necessarily for different people but for different occasions. we have seven signature scents, all of them with a distinct personality; some are great for subtle everyday wear; some are more sensual, some more playful, but all very unique. we also believe that less is more in the fragrance world. we create scents that are not overpowering but rather quietly inviting. our oils sit close to the body and trail as the person walks or simply creates an aura around the person. 


about. scent category - deep and green. scent notes - cardamom | sandalwood | rose | violet | jasmine | moss | musk. cruelty-free | vegan | non-toxic | hypoallergenic


the ritual. roll-on to pulse points or just your wrist and gently dab the product into the skin.


materials. fragrance oil comes in an 8ml glass bottle with a stainless steel roll-on ball applicator.

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we believe in doing our part and are committed to giving back. your purchase will help us donate 1% of our monthly sales to local and national charities that focus on bridging gaps, improving mental health, racial justice, equality, and environmental impact issues.