jade gua sha stone


brand. we understand skin, we focus on holistic techniques to keep your skin healthy & glowy. from gua sha to face cupping & from clean beauty to products with goal-driven results. We have everything you need for your skin to thrive.

about. our gua sha stone is made from indian jade, this green gemstone brings positive energy into your life, harmonizes, protects and attracts positive feelings. some consider it the opportunity stone. 


the ritual. set the mood and light your favorite incense. after cleansing your face, along with your favorite facial oil, glide the gua sha stone upwards using light pressure while following the guide map. 

materials. drawstring tote, jade gua sha stone, guide map


we donate 1% of sales

we believe in doing our part and are committed to giving back. your purchase will help us donate 1% of our monthly sales to local and national charities that focus on bridging gaps, improving mental health, racial justice, equality, and environmental impact issues.