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Mind: lifted Enhance your mood, illuminate your thoughts. Spirit: soothed Calm your cerebellum, lean into lucidity. Hangover: never Feel more, not worse. Adaptogens | balance we added soothing rhodiola rosea to balance the Nervous system and help the body adapt to stress. Nootropics | replenish A mix of gaba, 5-htp, caffeine and tyrosine work in tandem to boost your mood and prime your pleasure molecules. Botanics | nourish We infused high rhode with a thoughtful blend of medicinal plants, herbs, and spices – vegan pleasures for the palate and the mind. The taste Beautifully bitter, honestly herbaceous, and Earthy with tart citrus and warming spices. The dose 6 calories 50mg caffeine 0g sugar 2g carbohydrates The specs 1 bottle, 500 ml / 16.9 oz. Serving size: approx. 2 oz. 8 servings per bottle 0 alcohol suggested retail price.

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