love & salt beach wave spray 8 oz

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brand. perfume & beauty rituals meet self love. at olivine we don't believe that perfume is just a way to smell good. perfume is a lifestyle meant to be savored...


about. a cult favorite product... love * salt is a vegan, volume-enhancing mist that gives hair impossibly sultry beach waves. with a scent that is crisp and sweet, love * salt will leave your senses and hair feeling refreshed. 


the ritual: mist on wet hair, comb through, then scrunch and tousle. for extra volume, spray lightly on the roots. for impossibly sultry beach waves, put hair in braids or a bun and let dry overnight. mist on dry hair as a little refresher when needed. 


ingredients: unconditional love, purified water, organic alcohol, atlantic sea salt, himalayan pink salt, organic vegetable glycerin and fragrance (phthalate free). 
size: 8 oz

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