mushroom power full size


harness real forest food — pine pollen — to naturally increase stamina, sex drive, and all around male health, without the side effects of taking synthetic testosterone. formulated for men, beneficial for all in need of a libido boost.

made for supporting:

  • sex drive
  • lean muscle growth
  • weight & fat loss
  • energy levels
  • natural testosterone production

made with ♥︎: 

spring water, organic cane alcohol, wild harvested pine pollen, wild harvested nettle roots, organic cordyceps, organic beet root, alpha GPC

use with intention: take 1 dropper full. hold under tongue for 1 min, and swallow, or mix with water. cycle 5 days on, 2 days off. 

always vegan & gluten free 

30 servings 

we donate 1% of sales

we believe in doing our part and are committed to giving back. your purchase will help us donate 1% of our monthly sales to local and national charities that focus on bridging gaps, improving mental health, racial justice, equality, and environmental impact issues.