Run Sweat Recover - 7 day bag

Our Run Sweat Recover essential oil towelettes are made using 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable plant fibers. They are combined with organic spearmint, tea tree and other 100% pure premium steam distilled essential oils to give you an instant refresh. Organic spearmint + organic tea tree both have antibacterial properties so these towelettes are great to use post sweat and especially when you can't immediately hit the showers. Use on face + body to cool and soothe your mind + body. • includes: 7 - individually wrapped towelettes in a resealable zip bag • keynotes: organic spearmint + organic tea tree • benefits: cooling, stimulating, refreshing, antibacterial, invigorating, purifying • use: face + body + hands // at the gym or any sweaty adventure, after your peloton sesh, on long flights or road trips, at the pool or beach • cruelty free + vegan • FSC certified • made in california

we donate 1% of sales

we believe in doing our part and are committed to giving back. your purchase will help us donate 1% of our monthly sales to local and national charities that focus on bridging gaps, improving mental health, racial justice, equality, and environmental impact issues.