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brand. we wake up each day focused on one thing: growing the wander family of cbd, and plant-based medicine enthusiasts. we want cbd to be in every medicine cabinet – it’s a lofty goal, we know. that’s okay with us – we’re used to going big! so, how are we going to achieve this mission? simple – through a combination of educating our extended wander family (that’s you), and creating only high-quality products for a reasonable price. see? simple.


about. we’re excited to add this latest product to our offerings for those who have furry friends. with some "meatier" ingredients like cod liver oil and pork lard, this is a savory oil pets enjoy. the taste profile is further enhanced with an essential oil blend of fennel, black pepper, and ginger to help with digestion. this anti-inflammatory blend of ingredients was designed to bring swift relief to discomfort in the gut, joints, and brains of all mammals and is a powerful remedy to assist with appetite, too.


the ritual. the best way to administer this oil to your pet is often on a treat, so that they can get it all in one bite! starting with a consistent dose at the start is key to understanding the most-ideal dose for your pet. we recommend smaller starting dosages. a guide we recommend is 1 mg cbd/10 lbs. we recommend slowly increasing your dose after a week or so to find your ideal dosage.


ingredients. pork fat, cod liver oil, turmeric extract, essential oil blend (ginger, black pepper, fennel)

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